Tom Chester has worked in the software field for over 25 years as a database consultant, software inventor, developer, author, and educator.

  • focused in the niche that has come to be known as Business Intelligence (BI) since 1989 
  • concerted involvement with Microsoft Analysis Services since product inception

Notable Projects

  • Credited as a contributing developer of MS OLAP 7, the original version of Analysis Services. Working as a consultant to Microsoft, contributed peripherally to development of Analysis Services 2000 and 2005.
  • Developed FEC data mart
  • Conceived and developed Microsoft Open EIS Pak (aka EIS Builder), a DSS/EIS application generator licensed to and published by Microsoft.
    This was Microsoft's first step into BI, leading to the
    multi-faceted relationship that continues today. 
  • Developed Analysis Services cubes for the T3 Project
    based on a terabyte of source data.
  • Author of Mastering Excel 5, 95, 97, published by Sybex.
  • Contributing author for Analysis Services Step by Step, published by Microsoft.
  • Architected and developed the original version of Alloset, a graphical portfolio analysis tool based on Nobel prize-winning Sharp-Markowitz modern portfolio theory.
  • Developed EssReporter, a front-end reporting tool that was packaged with Essbase.
  • Designed and developed Open Budget Pack, an Essbase financial planning template jointly sponsored by Arbor (now Hyperion) and Microsoft.aspirity_logo.gif
  • Co-founder of Aspirity and sister company OLAP Train, software companies specializing in the Business Intelligence niche.
  • Developed the reporting / analytics module for Manas, a tool for managing and analyzing ad campaigns. Used by companies such as Budweiser, General Mills, Nestle, AT&T.
  • Developed Microsoft Small Business Pack, a suite of business applets built on top of Microsoft Office, including time billing and inventory control.olaptrain.jpg
  • Designed and developed DJC Financials, a suite of integrated accounting packages including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, order processing, and inventory.
  • Co-developed hotel front/back office system for Computerized Lodging Systems, now Hotel Information Systems.


Tom has experience developing software for the following industries and application areas:

        financial planning
        customer relationship management (CRM)
        portfolio analysis 
        manufacturing and distribution
        transportation (trucking, warehousing)
        healthcare analytics
        ad campaign management / analytics
        energy analytics
        hospitality (hotel, restaurant)
        entertainment (tv and film)
        barter and auction