Tech Questions? Frame with AdventureWorks

I receive a lot of technical questions via email, often involving complex topics. Unless your question is general in nature, it's unlikely I can provide useful feedback unless you frame the question in AdventureWorks context, especially if it involves MDX.

I'm glad to field questions, but please be patient if I don't reply right away. 


Getting Time Right in Analysis Services

Add June 1, 2007: This 2003 article is still pertinent with Analysis Services 2005.

Rare is the OLAP cube that does not include a so-called Time dimension – a dimension that allows data to be analyzed over time. Though often named simply Time, the typical Time dimension is actually a date dimension, with a hierarchy consisting of Year-Quarter-Month-Day or the like. Despite the unique ever-presence of Time, this is the one dimension that developers who are new to SQL Server Analysis Services often get wrong. This article will explain the correct way to implement Time dimensions in Analysis Services, and the benefits thereof.

The full article is available at


AS2000 Cube Documentation Tool

This is a cube documentation utility for Analysis Services 2000, developed in Excel.

I have received many requests to update this tool for Analysis Services 2005. I hope to find time for this task some time soon.  


Creating Calculation Dimensions

This is an example of a calculation dimension built in Analysis Services 2000. A calculation dimension is a special dimension for the sole purpose of containing MDX calculations.

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