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Performance Point 2010

In Performance Point 2010, Microsoft has corrected some of the fatal shortcomings that exist in the 2007 version.

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Performance Point, Ugh

Performance Point 2007 is one of the most abysmal pieces of BI-related software I've had the misfortune of working with. In short:

  • Analytic Grids/Charts, which otherwise have some nice features, provide what is beyond a doubt the drabbest UI I've seen since the advent of the GUI.
  • Scorecards can be made to look decent, but are so lacking in functionality as to be nearly useless.
  • Planning Server is so dysfunctional that it's a joke.



OLAP Front-Ends and MDX SELECT

Somehow it has come to be that most of the popular off-the-shelf OLAP clients are fundamentally crippled compared to their relational brethren. And this despite the fact that OLAP is supposed to be enabling technology.

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Tableau Software

I've been recommending Tableau Software to clients for several years now. It's an outstanding tool that front-ends both OLAP and relational. The improvements in version 3 are substantial.

I used to think of Tableau as a highly specialized front-end, but that's no longer the case. Because of the broadened display capabilities, it should be widely applicable. 

Two shortcomings remain: lack of programmability and inability to deliver via web interface. [no longer true]