Mastering MDX Course Outline

The course is delivered in hands-on format, either onsite or in public classroom. Labs based on realistic scenarios occur throughout. Students should be familiar with Analysis Services concepts, but are not required to be familiar with MDX.

1. Overview

  • MDX Foundations
  • Usage contexts
  • New capabilities in AS2005
  • Similarities to spreadsheet formulas

2. Syntax Fundamentals

  • Referencing members
  • Understanding Tuples
  • Understanding Sets 

3. MDX SELECT Statements

  • Why the skill is essential
  • Basic Structure
  • WITH Member/Set constructs

4. Family Functions

  • Dimensions, Hierarchies & Levels
  • Children() and Members() functions
  • Descendants() function

5. Filtering and Ordering Sets

  • Order() and Filter() functions
  • Top/Bottom Count 

6. Numeric Functions

  • Sum() and Aggregate() functions
  • Calculating averages
  • Ranking

7. Intermediate Skills

  • Non-measure calculations
  • Conditional calculation using IF()
  • Testing for null values
  • Understanding autoexistence

8. Date/Time Handling

  • Set Functions
  • This period versus same period last YR
  • Last N periods
  • Running average
  • Trending

9. Other MDX Contexts

  • KPIs
  • Scripting 
  • Custom member (versus calculated member)
  •  Custom level
  •  Actions
  •  Security

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